In 1906 Moses Feldman emigrated from Russia to seek a better life for himself and his family. He settled in Dallas, Texas where he started a scrap metal business which eventually grew through his son Jacob’s efforts into the international conglomerate, Commercial Metals Corporation.

Jacob Feldman established The Feldman Foundation in 1946. The Feldman Foundation initially supported local Jewish organizations in Dallas and charitable causes in Israel. In later years Jacob Feldman’s sons Dan, Moses (Moe) and Robert became trustees, and the foundation began to support additional causes.

The Moses Feldman Family Foundation is a successor to The Feldman Foundation. In 2004 Moe Feldman established The Moses Feldman Family Foundation to receive one third of The Feldman Foundation assets and named the foundation in honor of his grandfather, Moses.  Moe Feldman created the Foundation to follow his own vision of philanthropy and to support causes that he feels passionate about. As the Foundation has developed his wife, Susan, and their three children have become involved.


The Moses Feldman Family Foundation seeks to improve the lives of individuals and to protect the environment by supporting non-profit organizations engaged in the following areas:

  • Israel
  • Environment
  • Social Justice, Education, and Human Services

Please see Program Areas for more information about the Foundation’s funding priorities.

The Moses Feldman Family Foundation does not accept
unsolicited requests for funding.

Submission of grant proposals is by invitation only.

I have left you worldly goods in the form of trusts which may shrink or disappear after my departure from this life. If they do not shrink, use them in such a away to do credit to yourselves...