Program Areas

The Moses Feldman Family Foundation supports non-profit organizations engaged in the following program areas:


Goal:  To build and sustain a strong, secure and equitable society in Israel.

Areas of Interest:  1) Strengthening Israeli-Arab relations within Israel and the Middle East.  2) Developing a just and equitable society for all Israeli citizens.  3)  Promoting diplomacy and friendship between Israel and the United States, and between Israel and all nations.  4) Preserving Israel’s natural resources and economic independence.


Goal:  To protect and encourage a pristine and sustainable natural environment with an emphasis on the northeastern United States.

Areas of Interest:  1) Ensuring a healthy environment for all living things.  2) Conserving open space for environmental, recreational and educational purposes.  3)  Developing renewable energy sources.  4)  Encouraging the stabilization of the world population to a level that can be sustained by the prudent use of global resources.

Social Justice, Education, & Human Services

Goal:  1) To strengthen civic leadership.  2) To help disadvantaged populations access services that address urgent needs and build self-sufficiency.  3) To contest hate and bigotry.

Areas of Interest:  1) Developing leadership in the areas of social justice, economic development and environmental sustainability.  2) Combating poverty and advancing women and children’s health and well-being globally, with an emphasis within the greater Philadelphia area.   3)  Supporting organizations that promote tolerance and work to overcome discrimination and prejudice.